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Peristaltic pump Helios


Peristaltic pump Helios AS \ FX, AS \ VX, AS \ IX

Manufacturer: Fluimac Italy

The indisputable advantage of pumps of this type is the absence of valves, seals and various parts in contact with the working fluids, which brings with it greater reliability during operation. Use under severe conditions with liquids with high viscosity, pumping abrasive suspensions, acids, high suction capacity and delicate work without emulsions, foams and contaminants. Use in explosive environments, accurate dosing, low cost of consumables, the ability to work dry, they are also self-priming and reverse.


  • Consumption: 1.5-1785 l \ h
  • Head: 15-30 m.
  • Power: 0.18-0.75 kW
  • Torque: 6-30 Nm

Scopes: Chemical, metallurgical, paint and varnish, cosmetology and food industry.

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